Aural Visualiser


The aural-visualiser 1000 is a refined design prototype whose expression asks users to pay attention to the world in a new way. By emphasising the aural and auditory component of an experience rather than the visual component, it seeks to reframe that experience and increase a users’ sense of being present in the world. As an antidote to a recorded image sometimes seeing “truer” than direct experience, the aural-visualiser 1000 extracts and analyses the energy and attributes inherent to sound, producing a manifestation of that sound for the user to save, compare and consider later. These representations correspond to the recording, but do not recreate it, demanding experience to understand them. The artefact encourages exploring sounds in everyday life, giving perspective on their immateriality and elusiveness. These mementos store a representation of meaningful events or hidden aspects of everyday life for reflection and reminiscence.

With Martin A. Padalak, Thea Emilie Gehrchen, Søren Smedegaard Hansen, Peter Langgard Pedersen