Supermarket Futures


These images come from a research-through-design project to speculate upon and create knowledge around supermarket futures. Using foresight methods, we developed twenty alternative scenarios for supermarket futures based on experiential futures and generic futures to postulate a wide range of future ideas. Ethnographic Experiential Futures (EXF) is an approach to foresight that aims to increase the accessibility, variety and depth of images of the future for design. Rooted in already-existing images of future supermarkets, we propose that the future supermarket experience is autonomous, efficient, informed, local and personal. Based on the idea of four "generic futures" we illustrate each of these categories with a set of scenarios in a variety of experiential forms. These were exhibited first in an open exhibition and second in a closed exhibition for experts as a form of evaluation.

With Juliane Busboom, Ivar Østby Simonsen, and Laurens Boer